Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery is a form of dentistry which allows trained dentists to treat a range of diseases and injuries in the jaw and soft tissues of the mouth and face.

Treatments performed at this Practice include:-

  • Routine and more complex extractions;
  • Removal of roots or broken tooth fragments;
  • Removal of impacted teeth, such as wisdom teeth, supernumary (extra teeth present in the jaw), or ectopic teeth (teeth erupting in the wrong place);
  • Exposure of teeth, as part of an orthodontic (braces) treatment plan;
  • Soft tissue surgery, such as correction of labial frenulum, removal of tissue lesions for testing (biopsy) or removal of infected salivary glands (mucuceles);
  • Apicectomy, the surgical removal of tissue at the apex (tip of the root) of the tooth, usually due to recurrent infection;
  • Removal of  minor salivary stones (small calcified deposits which can build up in the ducts of the main salivary glands);
  • Management of minor dental trauma.

Dr Pritchard DDS MSc (Dental Surgeon / Oral Surgery) has a special interest in oral surgery and has significant experience in treating nervous patients.  She offers a range of minor oral surgery procedures:-


Consultation / examination (including intraoral x-rays) £ 54.00
OPG £ 61.00
Routine Extractions from £70.00
Surgical Removal of Teeth/Roots from £122.00
Apicectomy from £254.00
Soft Tissue Surgery From £ 70.00


Items that are not included in our list may be available; please discuss this at your assessment (consultation) appointment and a treatment plan and estimate will be provided to you.

Prices may vary according to chair time, this price list serves as a guide only. Please note that a fee may be charged to your account if you do not provide sufficient notice of a cancellation (48 hours), or if you fail to attend your appointment.