Orthodontics is a form of dentistry which aims to straighten the teeth to produce a healthier bite and a beautiful smile. Treatment usually lasts around 18 months, although it will depend on the type of brace (appliance) fitted and how much treatment is needed.

The majority of othodontics is carried out on teenagers, but increasing numbers of adults are opting for orthodontics too.  Your dentist will refer you to an orthodontist, who will examine you, and possibly x-ray your teeth to produce an appropriate treatment plan. Whilst orthodontic treatment is usually free for children on the NHS, adults (and children who do not qualify for NHS care) pay privately.

Dr Dadswell BDS and Dr Alves LMD/BDS MSc have a special interest in Orthodontics. They will plan a course of treatment with you and detail what you will need to do to care for your brace.

Orthodontic Assessment (inc X-Rays and Study Models) £122.00
Removable Appliance £356.00 per arch
Functional Appliance £660.00
Fixed Appliance (Metal Brackets) £1,218.00 per arch
Fixed Appliance (White Brackets) £1,421.00 per arch
Retainer £153.00 per arch

Items that are not included in our list may be available; please discuss this at your consultation appointment and a treatment plan and estimate will be provided to you. Prices may vary according to chair time, this price list serves as a guide only.

Please note that the repair or replacement of a broken or lost NHS orthodontic appliances can carry a charge of £76.90. For further details visit https://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/help-nhs-dental-costs/replacement-dental-appliances

Please note that a fee may be charged to your account if you do not provide sufficient notice of a cancellation (48 hours), or if you fail to attend your appointment.